Event Divisions:

  • Men 18+

  • Women 18+

  • Female Youth League - Not Yet Qualified

  • Female Youth League - Already qualified

  • Male Youth League - Not Yet Qualified

  • Youth League

  • Female Kids League - Not Yet Qualified

  • Female Kids League - Already Qualified

  • Male Kids League - Not Yet Qualified

  • Kids League

Event Details

Start time: The Youth Division starts at 3:00pm, Adults start right after the kids are done.
End time: When the last athlete competes! Early registrants may choose to race earlier or later as a thanks for their awesomeness.
Location: Camp Rhino HQ at 7211 South Eastern Ave, Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89119
Check out the rules at http://www.ultimateninja.net/about/rules/

Event WODS

Workouts have not yet been released.

Event Info:


Date: June 24, 2017

Location: 7211 S Eastern Ave #120, Las Vegas NV

Registration: $50.00




Reg Deadline Passed


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