Through these doors...

We believe in freedom

I'm Julie, the owner of Camp Rhino! I want you to be able to find your passion and have fun. We are open long hours so you can always get your workout in. We have lots of room so you can play around or get serious about your training on your own, at any time. If there's workout equipment you want that we don't have, we save up money and buy it.

We believe in helping you find your passion

Everyone is drawn to a certain type of training. You may be a Ninja Warrior and not realize it yet. You may be a bootcamp guy or a bootcamp girl. CrossFit may end up being the new love of your life! There will be SOMETHING that will get you excited about training. Check out this video on motivation:

We believe in real food and consistent, lifetime results

Our 6 Week Challenge teaches you how to become a lean, fat burning machine. And it does it by feeding you LOTS of food, combined with a healthy amount of exercise. No supplements, no quick fixes and no Multi-Level Marketing products. Just Motivation, Information, and the best group in the world for support.

It's all about gains and kindness

A couple years ago I realized that I was going to devote my whole life to Camp Rhino. It was then that I decided I would only let nice people through our doors. We train hard, we get results, and we are always nice to each other. I decided to write my rules on the entry to Camp Rhino so everyone knows that it is a safe place to be. Check out the photos at the bottom of the page :D

Through these doors...