Most of our staff has been with us for almost a decade! We love giving our coaches full time positions where their main focus in life is improving lives. Together we come up with new ways to help our members be the best they can be. We will be getting everyone's photos up soon!

Here is a little video made by Robert Machado about the owner of Camp Rhino, Julie Johnston and what motivates her to continue training. Camp Rhino was built because of her personal desire to lose weight in a fun, group setting.

Meet Our Team

Sabrina Atterbom

Rhino Extraordinaire (Front Desk)

Julie Johnston

Mother of Rhinos, Owner

Brent Johnston

NW Campus Manager, Boot Camp & Crossfit Coach

David Funk

Master Ninja Warrior Trainer

Anna Gingrich

Nutritionist, Boot Camp & Obstacle Trainer, Front Desk

Alene M Sullivan

Front Desk Manager

Jodi Sabal

Boot Camp Trainer

Heather Toledo

Boot Camp Trainer

John C Johnston

NW Campus Manager, Boot Camp & Crossfit Coach

Jathan Cox

Boot Camp & Crossfit Coach

Anthony Peressini

Obstacle Engineer, CrossFit Coach, Event Director

DC Baker

Ninja Warrior Trainer

Debbie Corwin

Boot Camp Trainer

Juan Lopez

Crossfit Coach

Cory Drumright

Boot Camp & Obstacle Trainer

Richene Plummer

Boot Camp Trainer

Darryl Ray

Training Coordinator, Crossfit Coach

Lauren Weeks

Boot Camp & Crossfit Coach

Dakota Shackleton

Crossfit Coach, Front Desk